MiniBus Key Features

  • Max. Int. Standing Height: 74.0 in.
  • Turning Diameter: 54.6 ft.
  • Max. Seating Capacity: Up to 18
  • PowerTrain
  • Safety
  • Design
2-Stage Turbocharged Diesel Engine
Now you can have the benefits of turbocharged power, diesel fuel economy and durability in one compact package. Standard on all Sprinter models, the new OM651 2-stage turbocharged diesel engine produces 265 lb-ft of torque starting at a low 1,400 rpm, giving you ample pulling power when you need it. The OM651 also delivers up to 18%25 better fuel economy over the superior efficiency of the 6-cylinder/5-speed combination, which will remain available as an option. As for the OM651’s durability, how does 15,000 miles11 between maintenance checks sound?
7-Speed 7G-TRONIC Transmission
Can a transmission reduce interior noise? Or lower the total cost of vehicle ownership? The new 7-speed 7G-TRONIC transmission does all that and more. This technologically advanced transmission is the first of its kind in the segment. Like the outstanding 5-speed/6-cylinder combination, which will remain available as an option, the 7G-TRONIC is perfectly mated to the OM651 diesel engine’s power output. The seven gears improve acceleration and the short shift times make the ride smoother. The gears also create slower engine speeds, which means low fuel consumption, reduced noise, longer service life and low maintenance costs.
BlueEFFICIENCY is the term that encompasses all the fuel-saving and emission-reducing technologies found in the Sprinter's new standard 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine. Mercedes-Benz engineers took that concept to the next level when they reviewed virtually every aspect of the new Sprinter's operation. As a result, BlueEFFICIENCY is further optimized with new features that include a regulated fuel pump, efficiency-enhanced alternator, ECO steering pump and more. That's why the new Sprinter's 2-stage turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel engine9 meets the most stringent emission standards and delivers up to 18%25 better fuel economy over our already fuel-efficient V6 engine and 5-speed transmission, which will remain available as an option.
Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)4
Mercedes-Benz puts your safety first once again with the Load-Adaptive ESP®4 with Trailer Stability Assist. As the only van in its segment that features standard Load-Adaptive ESP® (Electronic Stability Program), the Sprinter helps you perform your job with greater safety and less worry. This dynamic handling control system actively intervenes to help ensure your Sprinter stays firmly under your control. If you're towing, Trailer Stability Assist helps stop unwanted trailer movement through selective brake intervention as well.
Highbeam Assist
When it comes to relieving stress as you are driving, little benefits can make a big difference. Highbeam Assist eliminates the need to constantly switch between high and low beams. Plus the system optimizes high beam usage, which helps your evening visibility. Part of the optional Active Safety Packages, this available feature utilizes a camera located on the inside of the windshield to detect traffic ahead and oncoming vehicles and activates/deactivates high beams depending upon the situation. The result is one less thing to think about, and a more relaxed drive.
Blind Spot Assist21
Even for the most attentive driver, looking behind while changing lanes at speed can be potentially dangerous. Mercedes-Benz engineers recognized this and developed Blind Spot Assist. Available as part of the optional Active Safety Packages, Blind Spot Assist uses four radar sensors to help monitor the surroundings to the sides and back of the Sprinter. If the system detects that another vehicle is alongside, it alerts the driver via an audio signal and a red icon in the outside rear view mirror. It's like having an extra set of eyes.
Lane Keeping Assist22
It could be just a long day, or a simple distraction for a split second, but drifting out of a lane could lead to a dangerous accident. Lane Keeping Assist, available as part of the Active Safety Plus Package, uses a camera in the windshield to monitor the markings on the pavement up ahead while driving. If the Sprinter drifts out of lane without using a turn signal, the system senses it and sends a visible and audible signal to the driver. It could be the most important wake-up call that's ever delivered.
COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST is another innovative feature that enhances driving safety by helping to avoid or minimize the severity of rear-end collisions. COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST is part of the available Active Safety Plus Package. This feature combines a radar-based proximity warning function with the BAS® PRO Brake Assist.6 If the distance to the vehicle ahead drops below the safety threshold for several seconds, a warning lamp lights up in the instrument cluster. If the distance continues to decrease rapidly, an intermittent warning is sounded as well. At the same time, COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST activates BAS® PRO Brake Assist. If the system then senses the driver applying the brakes, BAS® PRO Brake Assist boosts the braking pressure necessary to help avoid a rear-end collision.
Redesigned Interior
For the amount of time you spend in your commercial vehicle, it should be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The new Sprinter's cockpit was redesigned with you in mind, offering more ways to make your time behind the wheel less stressful. Interior upgrades include a new optional multifunction steering wheel, gearshift lever and a standard large 5.8" color display. The more supportive driver and passenger seats are crafted from durable upholstery to resist everyday wear and improve breathability. Mercedes-Benz designers turned up the entertainment as well, with a standard Audio 15 head unit that includes iPod® interface, USB connection and more.26
Redesigned Exterior
From the moment it comes into view, you can see that this vehicle is something special. The new Sprinter complements its numerous innovations with a bold progressive profile. The redesigned front section begins at the confident new-look radiator grille, and continues via a smooth transition to the reshaped headlamps. The recontoured hood further accentuates this distinctive appearance and offers dramatic proof that this is the new face of commercial vehicles.
Dual-Door Passenger Entry
Entering and exiting the Sprinter MiniBus is quick and simple with a dual-door opening 38" wide and 80" tall. Faster load and unload times could mean more passengers and more trips for your business.
Shuttle Versatility
With 12 interior configurations to choose from as well as numerous options and variations, you can customize your Sprinter MiniBus to move the passengers you want to serve. Four of our most popular packages are airport, paratransit, hotel, and commuter shuttles. For a full offering and pricing information, please visit your local Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dealership.
Seating For Up To 18
The Sprinter MiniBus has the power to move you and up to 18 passengers with a very inviting interior. Engineered for comfort, the MiniBus features more space between seats, a convenient center walkway, and impressive interior height of up to 74".
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